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USTHAICO is currently seeking aggressive salespeople to assist in marketing our woven polypropylene bags.

The bags are an easy sell. They offer better packaging than current bags, and they offer better quality at a lower price than currently available polypropylene bags. What we need are salespeople who can reach our potential users and show them the advantages of our bags.

An ability to work independantly is a must, as is an aggressive work ethic. Sales skills are important, but more in the line of being able to thoroughly explain out products. Experience in the packaging industry or in one of our target makets (rice, grains, fertilizer, mining, pet food, seed, etc) is desired, but not absolutely necessary.

Compensation and benefits are dependant upon performance and experience. There is virtually unlimited potential for capable individuals. E-mail us for more information.  

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USTHAICO is the exclusive North American distibutor for Lucky Star Weaving

US-Thai Cooperative Company

US Office

13587 Quiet Hills Dr
Poway, CA  92064

(858) 748-0030

Thai Office

18/37 Garden Home Village
Kukot, Lumlookka
Pathumthani 12130 Thailand

66 01 821 6488