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Woven polypropylene bags offer many advantages over paper and jute.:

     - Lighter weight
     - Much greater bursting strength
     - Better pest resistance
     - Resistance to tearing
     - Reusable
     - Can be air permeable and moisture, pollutants, bacteria, mildew, and oil resistant
     - Properties do not degrade if wet
     - Less expensive

For these reasons, more and more companies are packing their products in polypropylene. This has been especially in the B2B arena where appearances are not as important as cost and performance. 

Companies who market to the consumer have not been as quick to make the switch because paper has, up-to-now, been a far better medium for bright and crisp graphics. However, with our new process of three-layer bag-making, our graphics are the same as for paper. So now companies can enjoy the benefits of woven polypropylene while giving the customer hard-hitting and beautiful graphics--and all at a lower cost.

Click here for drop-test results of paper bags vs. polypropylene bags.


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