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Lucky Star Weaving is one of the premier manufacturers of woven polypropylene bags in the word. . Founded in 1982, Lucky Star’s extensive R & D efforts have led it to become a product innovator. High quality, reliable delivery, and low prices have become Lucky Star’s trademark and have garnered it major corporations in the rice, seed, pet food, cement, entertainment, chemical, grain, and other industries as customers.

Lucky Star can make bags in any size to suit the customers’ needs, from 15” X 20” to big enough to line a 40-foot container.

 Lucky Star currently offers non-coated OPP, coated OPP, laminated OPP, and metal foil laminated to meet needs from bulk shipping to retail marketing. The laminated OPP is perhaps Lucky Star’s best innovation. These bags take full graphics beautifully, and the graphics are scratch-and-wear-proof.

Non-coated OPP--This is the basic white bag which is generally used by B2B's for inexpensive bags which still offer superior strength and characteristics. These can be take printing, but the printing can be scratched off, so they may not be the best choice when the bag will be presented to consumers.

Coated OPP--These bags offer superior protection from moisture, mildew, pests, and other intrusive elements

Laminated OPP--These are our premier bags: the finest in product protection and the best graphics capabilities for consumer appreciation. The photos on our home page are of laminated OPP bags.

Metal Foil Laminated MPET--The metal foil laminated bags offer the same superior characteristics as the laminated OPP, but the look and feel offer a different alternative.

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USTHAICO is the exclusive North American distibutor for Lucky Star Weaving

US-Thai Cooperative Company

US Office

13587 Quiet Hills Dr
Poway, CA  92064

(858) 748-0030

Thai Office

18/37 Garden Home Village
Kukot, Lumlookka
Pathumthani 12130 Thailand

66 01 821 6488